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hi, I'm Kiri! 


I live with my little family of four in the town of Oakwood. I am mama to 2 energetic littles. These free spirited little whirlwinds are my number one models. Although they are much too busy to pose for the camera, they are inadvertently teaching me the importance of shutter speed as they get faster everyday.  

I am trained as a registered nurse and work part time in the ICU and ER departments. Although I love my job caring for patients, I have always had a creative side that longs to be embraced. My love of the creative arts coupled with my desire to preserve memories has led me down a path to a hobby that I have always cherished, photography.  


My dream is to capture memories and stories through images that evoke emotion and meaning. I aim to freeze moments that demand attention and preserve memories that we never want to forget. I have learned that babies grow so quickly and time is invaluable. I want to create works of art for your family so that you and your loved ones will have a record hanging on your walls to be cherished long beyond the time that the sleepless nights have retired and the pitter patter of little feet have faded.

What's in a Name 

The idea of being "hand wash only" denotes a delicate nature. An item that is hand wash only is something you care for, treasure, take care of, and protect.  Those items are my subjects. From the tiniest newborn toes to the beautiful fabric that wraps a family together, you can trust that your dearest treasure will be handled with care. 

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